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I prefer to travel to less commercialized destinations. Even if I go to a touristic place, I try to find the spots that are unspoiled by commercialization. In my articles, I try to include my narration of what I experienced and observed. There is no agenda to please anyone.  It is strictly to narrate and inform. Since my travels and experiences cost me in terms money, hassles, and hard earned lessons, I charge a minimum to cover my cup of coffee for each place. So if you want to view the information here, there is a insignificant charge, it is in good faith and with the understanding that there no refund as it is a real hassle.  

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If you face any problems after you made payment, you can contact me by using the For Problems, Contact Me Form and I will attend to your query within 24 hours Thai time.

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Train Ride to Hatyai

Interact with art and become part of it


Hatyai to Satun

What to know how to get to Satun from Hatyai?


Ferry to Langkawi

Take a ferry ride to Langkawi


3D Art in Paradise

Interact with art and become part of it


Oriental Village in Langkawi

Well know for the cable car and skybridge

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